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Last Year - Review


Alan reviews Last Year on Steam! Watch Here!!


Gamer Joe Radio Show - VGM Christmas 2019


Merry Christmas from Media Moogle! Today Angela and Ole Gamer Joe explore holiday themed VGM with songs from Diddy Kong Racing, Blue Stinger, and much more.

Dead End Job - Review


Ole Gamer Joe reviews Dead End Job on Steam! This game will be available on December 13th and is also coming to Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. 

Watch Review!

Beat Em Up - Joe and Mac VS Chuck Rock SNES


It's a prehistoric romp through the ancient times of the early 90s on the latest episode of Beat Em Up. 2D Platforming games clash, as Joe and Mac takes on Chuck Rock both for the SNES!

The Gamer Gauntlet - The Warcraft Effect


Allen explores World of Warcraft and it's incredible effect on both gaming and culture. Hit the lights and cue the music. It's time to enter the Gamer Gauntlet!

Banished to the Blackhole - Thanksgiving Day Massacre


Bill and Chris welcome special guest Josh on the show. The trio discuss the new Witcher series, The People Under the Stairs, Thankskilling, and more! Time for some post Halloween horror action!

I Dream of Indie - Tactical Raging Diver


Today on I Dream of Indie! Dusk Diver, Wildermyth, and Raging Loop enter our indie spotlight. Plus the most noteworthy indie news stories of the month, and we talk about ice cream?

Quick! Change the Channel - Street Fighter the Animated Series


 In the very first episode of Q!CTC ExHardcoreGamer Mike and Ole Gamer Joe watched Street Fighter The Animated Series.  Bad voice acting, odd plot choices, and shredding guitar everywhere.  Let's dig in! 



Gamer Joe Radio Show EX PLUS - Athletic Hot Dog Man


Today we are paying tribute to the Sega Saturn! Also, Angela talks about her bad experience with Mexican food. Music from Panzer Dragoon Saga, Nights, and more!

Gamer Joe Radio Show - Eggplant Kingdom


Today on Gamer Joe Radio Show we explore strange and obscure Mario appearances in games. Music from Mario is Missing, Mario Paint, and much more! Episode hosted by Ole Gamer Joe and Angela.