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Quick! Change the Channel - Street Fighter the Animated Series


 In the very first episode of Q!CTC ExHardcoreGamer Mike and Ole Gamer Joe watched Street Fighter The Animated Series.  Bad voice acting, odd plot choices, and shredding guitar everywhere.  Let's dig in! 



Gamer Joe Radio Show EX PLUS - Athletic Hot Dog Man


Today we are paying tribute to the Sega Saturn! Also, Angela talks about her bad experience with Mexican food. Music from Panzer Dragoon Saga, Nights, and more!

Gamer Joe Radio Show - Eggplant Kingdom


Today on Gamer Joe Radio Show we explore strange and obscure Mario appearances in games. Music from Mario is Missing, Mario Paint, and much more! Episode hosted by Ole Gamer Joe and Angela.

Beat Em Up - Nightmare on Elm Street Vs Friday the 13th



Two horror icons slash away at each other on the latest Beat Em Up! Will Freddy haunt Jason's dreams? Or will Jason decapitate him once and for all? Find out, as these unlikely NES horror games go head to head.

Hosted by Exhardcore Gamer and Ole Gamer Joe

Banished to the Blackhole - Have an AWESOME Halloween



Bill and Chris run out of adjectives, but not before sharing opinions on Rob Zombie's latest, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and a TON more! It's a Halloween Spooktacular on the latest Banished to the Blackhole.

The Gamer Gauntlet - Creepy Pasta and Gaming


Today Allen explores Creepy Pasta and the connection to gaming, on this special Halloween episode!

I Dream of Indie - Time Shifting Magical Cats



Today on I Dream of Indie! Aeterno Blade II, Trine 4, and Cat Quest II enter our indie spotlight. Plus, discussion on Cat Lady, Valfaris, and Outbuddies. Also, Angela talks about Harry Potter and Tony Hawk...?

I Dream of Indie - Honking For Hades


Today on I Dream of Indie, a unique trio of indie games enter our spotlight. Daymare: 1998, Untitled Goose Game, and Beraltors!

Gamer Joe Radio Show - Always Halloween In My Soul


Today on Gamer Joe Radio Show, it's a Halloween spooktacular! From Silent Hill to Resident Evil, we take a deep dive into the dark-side of game music! Also, Angela talks about pizza again.

Gamer Joe Radio Show EX Plus - You Ooze You Lose


Ole Gamer Joe and Angela play tracks from Final Fantasy 7, Rumble Roses, Suikoden, and more! Plus, Flubber and ice cream. Patrons always receive EX Plus episodes 2 weeks early.