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Gamer Joe Radio Show - Episode 2 - Phallic Worm in a Spacesuit

August 18, 2019



We play music from Earthworm Jim, Rival Schools, and more! Plus, Ole Gamer Joe and Angela share stories of ridiculous injuries, and your requested tracks are played! It's episode 2 of Gamer Joe Radio Show! Follow along with all of our content at


Earthworm Jim, Psycrow Theme - Tommy Tallarico

No Man's Sky - Supermoon - 65 Days of Static

Rival Schools: United by Fate - In a Classroom of Taiyo High School - Setsuo Yamamoto

Trails of Cold Steel - Heimdaller, the Vermillian Capital - Hayato Sanoda

Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Rolento Theme - Setsuo Yamamoto

Warriors Orochi 2 - God's Island - Omega Force (in house?) 

A Night in the Woods - Die Anywhere Else - Alec Haloka, Scott Benson