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February 7, 2020



Media Moogle is dedicated to bringing gamers and horror movie enthusiasts fresh content on a weekly basis. Featuring a variety of unique shows under one umbrella, we strive to carve out our own little niche on the net. Whether it be "Gamer Joe Radio Show," which is focused on support of video game music, or "Banished to the Black Hole," a horror movie and game podcast, we want to make easily digestible content that will leave you hungry for more.  Our focus turns to indie developers on "I Dream of Indie," a show dedicated to independent studios and titles. Or for those of you who love a deeper dive into the culture of gaming, we have "The Gamer Gauntlet." Media Moogle is focused on bringing you more content and topics that other outlets simply brush over. 

Whether you support us monetarily or check out our content for free, your support means everything to us. Our mission is simple- to bring the media we love the recognition it deserves. It's time to say goodbye to the echo chamber, and join us on this wonderful campaign to give the voiceless ones in gaming a voice again.