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I Dream of Indie

May 22, 2020



Indie games don't always get enough love, so we are setting out to make sure they receive the recognition they deserve. Ole Gamer Joe and Angela will be discussing various indie games, as well as the latest indie news. With so much AAA game coverage out there already, we choose to dream of indie!

I Dream of Indie airs the second Tuesday of every month!

 You can also join us for I Dream of Indie live! A deeper look into one of our favorite indie games of the week on our Youtube Channel. This show airs live every Tuesday at 9PM EST.


Episode 1 - A Puzzling Trip Through Hell

Episode 2 - Jin and Birb on the Rocks

Get in Your Lane, Hot Blooded Linda! (River City Girls, Overpass, Children of Morta)

Dorming with the Devil (Devil's Hunt, Agent A, Gun Gun Pixies)

Honking For Hades (Daymare: 1998, Untitled Goose Game, Beraltors)

Time Shifting Magical Cats  (Cat Quest II, Aeterno Blade 2, Trine 4)

Tactical Raging Diver (Wildermyth, Dusk Diver, Raging Loop)

Unemployable Flying Pigs (Dead End Job, Lost Ember, SuperEpic)

Don't Eat Plastic Balls

Muffin Top Cooking in a Dutch Oven

Jack and Rachel Went Up the Dangerous Iron Mountain

Mystical Neon Bus

Searching For Grim Memories

Baby I Was Warborn This Way

Someday You'll Return to the 90's