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February 7, 2020



Ole Gamer Joe - Co-owner/Operator (Joseph Tkacz)


Joe has been playing video games since he was old enough to hold the controller. In 2010 he joined Playstation Unlimited as a review editor. From there, he launched "Gamer Joe Radio Show" independently. The show was quickly noticed and picked up by the 8bitx radio network. After several years with the network, Joseph created and wrote the story for Codename Trigger Thumb, a gaming music tribute band. Becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of recognition for many game composers, developers, and publishers, he and wife Angela created Media Moogle to combat the echo chamber and give the voiceless in gaming a voice.

Shows - Gamer Joe Radio Show, I Dream of Indie, Youtube Content Contributor

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Angela Tkacz - Co-owner/Operator


Angela started playing video games around the age of 3. She contributed to the band Codename Trigger Thumb as the pianist, and was a driver behind the creation of Media Moogle. Known for her sarcasm and unique sense of humor, Angela is now a fan favorite on the Media Moogle Network, known for her compassionate reviews and hilarious podcast banter. 

Shows - Gamer Joe Radio Show, I Dream of Indie, Youtube Content Contributor

Twitter - @silentsigns


Chris Ridley - Audio/Podcasting

Chris has been an avid gamer as far back as he can remember. Also having a strong passion for horror movies, Chris was asked to join the Media Moogle Network and currently hosts "Banished to the Blackhole" the last Tuesday of every month. He is also the guitarist for popular metal act Archaic Decapitator.

Shows - Banished to the Blackhole


Bill Tkacz - Audio/Podcasting

Bill enjoys gaming and horror and brings a dark sense of humor to whichever podcast he appears on. You can currently find him on "Banished to the Blackhole," where he co-hosts with Chris the last Tuesday of every month. 

Shows - Banished to the Blackhole

Twitter @rogue_hearts8


Alan - Audio/Podcasting/Video 


Alan went to college for broadcasting and has more radio experience than any current member on staff. Known for his snarky sense of humor and historical insight on gaming, he currently hosts "The Gamer Gauntlet," a much-loved show that dives into topics not often covered in mainstream gaming media. Alan enjoys professional wrestling and hosts his own podcast, "The Last Word," at Chocobo Chokeslam

Current Shows - The Gamer Gauntlet, Youtube Content Contributor