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Gamer Joe Radio Show

May 24, 2020


The return of an old favorite! Gamer Joe Radio Show is all about the VGM. Ole Gamer Joe and Angela hand-select seven songs from seven games to bring you some of the best of the best in gaming music. Born in 2011, the show started out as a weekly independent radio program and later became a member of the 8BitX Radio Network. The show has featured interviews with gaming music greats George Sanger, Grant Kirkhope, and Howard Drossin, amongst others. With the singular goal of supporting game music, Gamer Joe Radio Show is a must for VGM fans. And with plenty of gaming history sprinkled on top, non music lovers can find something to enjoy too!

Gamer Joe Radio Show airs the first Tuesday of every month!


Previous Episodes (Oldest to newest)

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VGM is Gr-r-reat!

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VGM Christmas 2019

Attack of the Yoyo (NES MUSIC)

Composer Marc Baril (Interview Included)

Composer Ben McCulloch (Interview Included)

Calzones Cartoons and Pizza

Alpha Tapeworm

Feed Your Tamagotchi Seamen

Let's Cyber! Punk

Clearing the Blob