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Infini - Preview

Alan previews Infini on Steam! Demo is available now on Switch, Steam and!

*Code was provided to us by the publisher

Soul Reaper - Preview

 Ole Gamer Joe takes a quick look at Soul Reaper on Steam!

The game is now available in early access.

Code was provided by publisher for purpose of this preview.

Gamer Joe Radio Show - Composer Marc Baril


Today on a very special episode of Gamer Joe Radio Show: Ole Gamer Joe and Angela pay tribute to game composer Marc Baril! Marc also joins Joe for an interview, where he discusses game music, working on the Genesis, and so much more. The campaign for composers starts now!

Arc of Alchemist - Review

Ole Gamer Joe reviews Arc of Alchemist on PS4!

Also available on Nintendo Switch!

*Review code was provided by publisher

#ArcofAlchemist #JRPG

Ministry of Broadcast - Review

Ole Gamer Joe reviews Ministry of Broadcast on Steam!

Also coming to the Nintendo Switch.

A review copy was provided by the publisher for purpose of this review.

Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire - Review

Ole Gamer Joe reviews Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire on Switch!

*review copy was provided for purpose of this review

The Gamer Gauntlet - Minds Behind Games


Today on the Gamer Gauntlet Alan welcomes Patrick Hickey Jr. Author of,
The Minds Behind the Games: Interviews With Cult and Classic Game Developers. The two discuss his new book, "The Minds Behind Adventure Games" as well as the history of various gaming genres, wrestling, and more!

Banished to the Blackhole - Hearts Are For Staking


On the doorstep of Valentine's Day Bill and Chris welcome Exhardcore Gamer Mike into the blackhole! The trio discuss the latest, and upcoming horror releases, as well as cover their top 5 movies and video games of the past decade. Also, a deep dive into 976-EVIL!