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Gamer Joe Radio Show EX Plus - You Ooze You Lose


Ole Gamer Joe and Angela play tracks from Final Fantasy 7, Rumble Roses, Suikoden, and more! Plus, Flubber and ice cream. Patrons always receive EX Plus episodes 2 weeks early.

Beat Em Up - Aladdin Genesis Vs Aladdin SNES


You ain't never had a battle like this! Your wish is granted, as Aladdin on the Sega Genesis goes head to head against the SNES version! Find out who the true prince of Agrabah is, on this week's Beat Em Up!

Banished to the Blackhole - The Autumn Wolf Is Howling


Chris and Bill discuss the latest Shudder releases, AHS 1984, the unfortunate passing of Sid Haig, and so much more on a brand new Banished to the Blackhole!

The Gamer Gauntlet - Sportsball


Today Alan discusses why gaming as we know and love it may have never existed without the influence of sports.  From Tennis for Two, Pong, and Madden becoming America’s favorite RPG; we tackle the deeply woven tapestry that is video games and sports.

I Dream of Indie - Dorming with the Devil


Devil's Hunt, Agent A, and Gun Gun Pixies enter our indie spotlight! Plus, the latest indie news, including Steam sales being down for 2019. Don't miss another exciting episode of I Dream of Indie!

I Dream of Indie - Get in Your Lane, Hot Blooded Linda!


Today on I Dream of Indie, EX-Hardcore Gamer joins Angela and Ole Gamer Joe. The trio discuss the Boston Fig convention, upcoming releases, and more. Overpass, River City Girls, and Children of Morta all enter our indie spotlight!


Gamer Joe Radio Show - VGM Is GR-R-REAT!



This week on Gamer Joe Radio Show: Mega Man X3, Willy Wombat, Ecco the Dolphin, and more! Plus, Angela and Joe reminisce about Frosted Flakes.

Beat Em Up - Episode 2 - Power Rangers Sega CD Vs Kamen Masked Rider Sega CD


Today on Beat Em Up, Power Rangers on the Sega Cd takes on The Masked Rider: Kamen Rider ZO, also on the Sega CD. The 90s and the 70s clash, in a super heroic blast to the past. Ex-Hardcore Gamer and Joe put both of these FMV romps through the Beat Em Up Blender. Will it be a smooth victory for the Rangers? Or will Masked Rider leave them feeling like a lump of putty? Find out, on this epic Beat Em Up Battle!

Banished to the Blackhole - I Release You From the Blackhole

The Ghouls discuss Rob Zombie, Rock and Shock, the Hunt being cancelled, and more. Also, Ole Gamer Joe grabs a Fate card and escapes! Chris and Bill take the reigns, on episode 2 of Banished to the Blackhole!

Gamer Joe Radio Show - Episode 3 - Make Product Placement Cool Again


Today on Gamer Joe Radio Show! Music from Twisted Metal 2, Vay, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, and more! Also, Angela talks about her love for 90's product placement. 

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